Wistaston Community Council

community day

We were so sorry to have cancelled the fete this year. We have listened to people who had stalls booked and have managed to create a new evernt at short notice to help as many of those stall holders as possible. We are holding an indoors event at the Memorial Hall and we hope you will be able to visit and help our local groups.

Wistaston Community Council Website

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Welcome to our website. You have made the first steps to finding out about 'What's On' in the great community that is Wistaston. We here at the Wistaston Community Council welcome you to come along to these events and, hopefully, getting a bit more involved in your local village yourself in helping it continue to thrive for future years.

We are a group of around 30 volunteers who give up a little time - either an hour one evening each month to come to our local event planning meetings, or half a day a year to help set up and run an event. We are not a political or parish council, we are here purely for you and your family to enjoy our community.

Whatever you can do to contribute is always very warmly welcomed. You will meet many more people and find out about your community. We look forward to hearing from you.

Events in 2022

Community Day - 3rd July 1:30pm - 4:30pm at the Wistaston Memorial Hall

Flower and Produce Show - 20th August

Model Boat and Duck Race - 10th September

Fireworks - 5th November

Christmas Concert - 9th December

The Wistaston 100 Club

The 100 club is run by the Wistaston Community Council to raise funds to be used by the Council for distribution to local charity and residents requests helping to achieve the objectives of the council.

Currently a number vacancies exist in the Wistaston 100 Club. If anyone is interested in joining the four weekly fun please see the Wistaston 100 Club page for more details.