The Wistaston Community Council 100 Club

The 100 club is run by the Wistaston Community Council to raise funds to be used by the Council for organising events and charitable contributions in Wistaston. Approximately 50% of the income is used for this purpose and 50% is returned in prize money to the owner of the lucky numbers drawn out each 4 weeks.(Approximately £1500 to both elements)

13 draws are held each year at a total cost of £26 per year per number. Each subscription is matched to a number for the life of that membership. With the 120 maximum membership that currently exists each 4 weekly draw has one £25 winner and six £10 winners with the  exception of March and September that have a £50 and six £10 draws, June with a £100 and six £10 draws and December with a £200 a £50 and a minimum of six £10 draws. Members may Join or Leave the club at there choosing, each draw every 4 weeks costs £2. I request where possible to reduce the collectors and my workload that members pay once for the year or twice ie. half yearly.

These prize monies are totally dependant on membership numbers and may be adjusted if membership falls. However the approximate 50% split of income remains static.

Anyone interested please contact John Lomax, Tel. 01270 663037.